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The “Travel Scope” Celestron CG5-GT C6-OTA Orion 9x50   w/Lodestar X2   Guiding
       November 2015 Telescope Configuration:    Dan’s Pier Top Plates    Celestron CGEM Mount    Celestron EdgeHD 8” OTA       w/ Celestron 9x50 Finder    Meade 80mm ED APO    Orion 60mm Guide Scope Camera:    SBIG ST-8300-M    Lodestar X2 (Guiding)
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Welcome to David and Jan’s Astronomy Web Site. Here you will find the progress (observations) and images that have been taken on various projects, as well as general observation images. You can click on the links above, to navigate the site. This site is now SECURE…. ( https://www.az-dahut.net )