Messier Images ( M-xxx ) 110 Objects  *
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Sometimes it is hard to find the image you are looking for. There are now over 3000 images on this website, with multiple images on many targets.  Listed below are the various “Indexes” to images, by common group. The links are now active, and you can now access the index, and search for images, and/or click on the image of your choice to view it. NEW:  Use the new “DaHut Image Library Search Engine” to see “Current AND ‘ARCHIVE’ Images. Abell Galaxy Clusters ( AGC-xxx )  50 Selected Objects   Messier Images ( M-xxx ) 110 Objects  * Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies ( ARP or Arp )   338 Objects Sharpless SH2 Neb  ( SH2-xxx )  313 HII Regions Caldwell Images ( C-xxx ) 110 Items  * NGC-0001 - NGC-0999 * NGC-4000 - NGC-4999 * Herschel - (DSOs)  Sorted by H# - Linked to NGC NGC-1000 - NGC-1999 * NGC-5000 - NGC-5999 * *New Herschel Double Stars (And AL Double Stars) NGC-2000 - NGC-2999 * NGC-6000 - NGC 6999 * Hickson Compact Galaxies ( HCG-xxx )    100 Objects NGC-3000 - NGC-3999 *   NGC-7000 - NGC-7840 *   IC Images ( IC-xxxx )   Continuation of NGC after 7840  * Named Object Index *  2016-2017 Re-Image Project Complete . See an INDEX for the last 200 observations/images that have been made/taken, by clicking HERE and then you can see the observation datasheet and image, by clicking on the item in the INDEX. These images go all the way back to 2008. Images prior to June 2012 (SBIG camera), June 2013 (CG-5 mount) and Aug 2013 (CGEM Mount), were definitely part of the “steep learning curve”….   Generally, images after June 2013, are of decent appearance, due largely to the fact that I was now imaging from an EQ mount, and taking longer exposure images (Guided).  What a difference !!.